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Spiritually Impoverished

Posted by Satish Shrestha on August 20, 2010

I’m trying to be egocentric in a way
not to ignore or care less about people i actually care
nor to plunge myself in a miserable pool of guilt
but to discovery my inner self and glare.

Billion different memories, ideas, and figments
meander around my head twenty four seven
i am an incident, an ephemeral development
ye I realize it and now I’m panic stricken.

mother! sorry i am not proud of my entity
I know nothing, not even myself
save me from the material insanity
for eternal nirvana I must solemnly delve.

These realizations make me feel I oughta be stronger
but with no enlightenment I’m morbidly languished
all my vigour, vitality and patience grow thinner
mother! I am spiritually impoverished


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Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 14, 2009

Like sweet summer rain, her words tickle me
Those words take me to my fantasy land
Where, under the splendid sun, I swim in an eternal sea
And walk together on the shore holding her hand

As we walk together I stare at her cosmic eyes-
The marvelous domain with infinite range-
With ecstasy-field where all my sorrows demise
Tis the only moment when I wish for no change

Those beautiful eyes pull me to the center of her soul
due to  gravity of which I experience a heavenly free fall
in a jiffy I reach her motley universe through a mysterious wormhole
the universe with divine tranquility that contains millions of Nepal

– oct 13,2009

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Holes in my shoes

Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 6, 2009

Oct 5, 2009

wearing worn clothes and torn shoes
I walked to a store and and asked the cashier “how do you do?”
he looked at me and then looked at my feet
looking at my torn shoes he said to me as if i was unaware of it
“not bad…man there’re holes in your shoes”
i looked at his eyes, smiled and asked
“how would you put your shoes on if there weren’t any hole?”

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Louisiana Memoir

Posted by Satish Shrestha on September 13, 2009

June 24, 2009

(you may call it a poem or a bunch of stupid rhymes. Nothing so serious – i just typed everything that came into my mind while recollecting my days in louisiana.)

these two itchy feet stepped in Lake Charles in the summer of 06
hot, humid and isolated – did not enjoy that crazy mix
nonetheless met some great people and had oodles of fun
how can i forget being shot by a bb gun

two months in hammond – still deep south
spent most of the time in lab analyzing noise
great food and music left me openmouthed
after almost a year, finally attained my poise

though i didn’t quite enjoy the place
i can’t lie, I enjoyed its slow pace
good music , good food and good company
my cheap life style didn’t require much money

in the state where chicken is not an animal or a bird
say that’s wrong and they’ll call you a nerd
don’t you worry and relish etouffee, okra, boudin and gumbo
if those’re too spicy, try Raising Cane’s chicken combo

Atchafalaya, Sabine, hundreds of bayous and Toledo bend
all these remind you why you should transcend
so “pull your mouth harp out of your dirty red bandana”*
you’ll will never forget your stay in Louisiana

* ( A verse from janis joplin’s ‘me and my bobby mcgee’)

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Life – a river

Posted by Satish Shrestha on September 12, 2009

(I am taking a class on poetry this fall, i will amend it later as i learn various poetry techniques. )

like a river
i have my ultimate destiny
a river ends in an ocean
my soul shall transcend into ecstasy

flowing down the hills and plains
a river nourishes animals and grains
likewise, i shall serve humanity
that’s been a victim of its own insanity

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