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Jogi Travelexperince: Day 2 (Jackson Hole, WY)

Posted by Satish Shrestha on March 12, 2011

Panoramic view from the Gandola Summit (9,095 ft.)

Despite plenty of time to sleep, i didn’t get much sleep last night. I hit the sack at around 8 but I was waken up by a crazy nigthmare of Mohammar Gaddhafi destroying the world. His evil actions and attacks on world’s nuclear power plants and weapons of mass destruction blew up the earth. Never had I dreamed something this crazy.We left the hotel at 8:15 am to catch the first chair lift at the Jackson Hole. The weather was awesome, sunny with shiny azure sky. The Teton range looked gorgeous and the valleys on the way were splendid. Lift ticket at Jackson Hole was pretty expensive, but I totally think it was worth it for this amazing spot. The first tram took 100 people including ourselves to the top of the Rendezvous Mountain (10,450 ft). The elevation gain was roughly 4000 ft, meaning everytime we skied to the base, we would have skied 4000ft vertical distance. The resort is monstrous. Though the view of the mountains in all direction were mind blowing, the snow condition was not as good as that in Grand Targhee yesterday. So I’d have to say I enjoyed Grand Targhee more than the Jackson Hole.

The first run we did was a black diamond from the top of Rendezvous mountain and it almost freaked me out. It was extremely steep, so steep that I couldn’t see the ground five feet infront of me. Thus, for the most part of that run, I just traversed until I gained enough confidence to carve the snow. Carving snow is something I started focusing on today. I realized I had been skidding more than carving. We took every chairs possible and skied as much as we could in 6 hours. By the end of the day, my muscles were sore and my mind was ecstatic. We headed to downtown Jackson to hit a local brewery. Snake River Brewery was pretty awesome. I tried some Le Serpetine, a fruity beer that very much tasted like rice ale (jaand/chhyang) back in Nepal. I enjoyed every sip of it.

Its about 8 pm local time I am ready to catch some z’s. I need get up at 2:30am to hit the road. Peace now!

P.S. We ran into a Ski patrol who traveled around Nepal in 1972 and 1996. He mentioned his experience in Arun Valley and Lomanthang Pass, and about his friend who trains Sherpas in Khumbu Mountain Clinic.


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