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On the road again

Posted by Satish Shrestha on March 10, 2011

Law of entropy had never been as influential in life as it is now. I see chaos pretty much every where. Most people I’ve encountered in the last few months are sharing their melancholic stories of some sort. And I am not an exception to them. Recently I realized that I am rather fluid. I tend to take shape of a vessel I am put into. If I hang out with happy people, happier side of me comes to light. Similarly, if i hang out with sad people, sadder side of me becomes more evident. Hope is all there is and wise decision is all I can rely upon. Starting tonight, I am officially homeless. I’m commencing a journey down south tonight. The plan is to stop by Targhee, Jackson Hole, Salt Lake city before stopping in Vegas for Red Rocks Rendezvous. Amid all the sad stories meandering in my head, I will be on the road again for almost over two weeks. I leave with Bob Seger’s words that resonate with my thoughts at the moment. Peace


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