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Posted by Satish Shrestha on March 7, 2011

Overcoming mixed emotions generated by few recent incidents, I finally cultivated enough motivation to go for a run. It was a rather sunny late afternoon and I had been in the apartment packing my stuff in boxes as my version of journey as a homeless guy is about to begin. I found my old running shorts and I couldn’t help putting them on since it had been in a dresser for so long. It triggered the motivation to go for a run.
Thus, I left, wearing the same pair of shorts along with a shirt, my yellow jacket shell and a pair of sunglasses. RHCP’s music playing loud on my archos made the run go smooth. First half of the run was mostly uphill, hence I didn’t fill the chill even though the weather was barely 40 F. The view of the city from Cliff drive, partly clear blue sky, the view of Mt. Spokane in the north half covered by clouds , people walking their dogs in the park, hollers from couple random runners, people glancing at my bare calves all made the run delightful. I’m excited about the spring and what it has to offer.

First Spring Run 03/07/2011

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