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Love and Flush

Posted by Satish Shrestha on November 22, 2010

After a delightful potluck at Richard’s house, we head out to Bing Crosby Theater, the Mecca where I was about to indulge myself in a purely religious experience that night. The tickets for Banff Mountain Film Festival are all sold out way ahead of time. I fail to get a ticket though I check craiglist 5 times a day in addition to public plea on facebook. Nothing works!

Best things in life come for free. Couldn’t agree more. I tag along with Kaitlin as a quasi volunteer and no one questions. I don’t know what makes it work. My handlebar mustache? May be! While there are millions of people (acceptable exaggeration) waiting in line, we simply enter the hall uttering “Spokane Mountaineers”. The magic begin thereafter.

Val, amazing German-Guamanian-Thai-Pilipino mountain maniac, introduces me to a simple looking but incredibly smart man. He starts talking about Annapurna circuit and Thorang-la pass. All of a sudden the the topic of conversation jumps from mountains to motor-gliders he built. My curiosity level is sky-rocketed. I start asking bunch of questions. I get very specific answers to all my questions. He flew above 30,000 ft by himself in a plane he built himself! I am instantly impressed. He has a PhD in psychology from University of Chicago, advanced degree in theology and a strong engineering background. In addition he is a polyglot, he speaks 5 flipping languages! I am tripping, I feel hypnotized. I am flabbergasted by this man’s experiences in life and his apparent simplicity. Just a few minutes before the show starts, he throws two words at me that according to him a human being should stick to for perennial happiness. Love and Flush. The former is rather hackneyed, though indespensable. Everyone talks about it, even fifth graders. The latter is rather ambiguous. He explicates what he meant by that. Avoiding verbosity he says” don’t hold on to your shit, flush it”.


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  1. kaitlin said

    Love and Flush.

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