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Snow Practice in Steven’s Peak (April,2010)

Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 20, 2010

Saving every penny I could, I decided to join the Spokane Mountaineers last year and ended up becoming a part of Mountain School Class of 2010. With no exaggeration, it has been one of my splendid experiences so far. Spokane Mountaineers is kind of an underground club for most people as they do not get to hear about it a lot. But surprisingly, it has been around since 1920’s! And for the most part it is run by volunteers. Thus the classes it offers are relatively less pricy. One ends up spending more money on purchasing/renting climbing gears than on the Mountain School fee.

I was trying to see if  I have saved journal from the first outdoor training session at Mt. Spokane but unfortunately didn’t find anything. But I did find some journals I had saved after completing the second outdoor training session. Here’s a short account on that.

The Rope Team


The second week of April last year was insane as I was occupied by a ton of homework and papers. After completing half of the physics homework set due the following Wednesday, I started packing for the weekend and was all set by Friday afternoon. Failing to avoid the Friday night temptation, I ended up hanging out with friends until rather late. I had my alarm set at 5:30 am but I failed to wake up. I was sharing ride with Chris. I was rather embarrassed when he had to come knock on my door to wake me up at 6:00am. We were driving to Willow Creek Trailhead in Mullan, ID and we were supposed to be there by 8:00 am. We barely made it on time. The agenda for this training session was to practice self arrest, snow anchors, and belaying techniques on snow and summit Stevens peak if weather permitted. It required us to have mountaineering shoes, gaiters, crampons, ice axe and extra carabineers in addition to the “thirteen essentials”. Those added significant weight on the body and thus it was different from regular hiking/backpacking trips. The Asolo mountaineering boots I rented from the Spokane REI was significantly heavy and thus it took some time to get used to it. The first couple hours of the trail was extremely icy. Several of the fellow mountaineers slipped although they were taking every steps very cautiously. Crampons came very useful in that part of the trail.

Because it had rained the following night, the snow was very soft. After we crossed the icy trail, we started climbing up in the soft slushy snow. It slowed us down quite a bit as the snow came above our knees on every step we took. Under the dark gray could, we kept ascending slowly but steadily. It started raining cats and dogs right before we reach the campsite, which was not much fun. After setting the camp in the rain, we ascended further for snow practice. We began with self arrest training, which is a maneuver that a climber performs to save himself/herself upon falling and is sliding down the snow. Because one could fall in several different ways in several different body positions, it was vital that we simulated such falls and practiced self-arresting techniques. We glissaded down the slope in four essential ways; facing up with feet first position, facing down with feet first position, facing up with head first position, and facing down with head first position. Glissading in slow is a lot of fun, and is a great way to descend down the snowy slope as it reduces the descent time. However, self-arresting is different and it is very important that a person performs in at the right moment in a right fashion. It requires one to properly use the ice axe on a proper body position to avoid any injury. Upon the fall, one has to use the pick of the axe to stop oneself and make sure the feet is in the air if crampons are on. As soon as one stops, to avoid further fall one has to “dig a bucket” by kicking snow with knees.After practicing self-arrest, we practiced crevasses rescue techniques making anchors using ice pickets and carabineers. We learned proper application of boot-axe belay, biner-axe belay and hip-belay. After a fun day of training we descended to the campsite by the frozen lower Steven’s lake. It was a cold rainy night at the campsite, which is not unusual in mountaineering. The following day practiced climbing in rope team and applied self-arrest technique and crevasse rescue techniques within a rope team. Communication among the team members is indispensable in a rope team climbing.

Ascending on an icy trail


Two days of snow practice training was a great learning experience. It certainly showed me a way to befriend snow! In addition to learning great techniques to save ourselves in the snow, we also witnessed a massive loud avalanche and a magnificent sunrise above the mountain on the second day. On our way back, Renee slipped down the trail and hung herself on the edge of the trail, which could’ve been serious. Fortunately, we were able to pull her up to the trail without any serious injury.

After the Avalanche

Frozen Lower Steven's Lake


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Danny Denzongpa and Asha Bhosle

Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 6, 2010


आगे आगे तोपै को गोला

पछि पछि मसिन गन भ र र

सिग्रेड नदेउ मो  बिंडी खानेलाई

माया नदेउ मो हिंडी जानेलाई

उकालीको चिसो पानि खाइदिउँ खाइदिउँ लाग्छ

माख्लो घरको तरुनीलाई लैजाउँ लैजाउँ  लाग्छ

आगे आगे तोपैको गोला

पछि पछि मसिन गन भ र र

सिग्रेड नदेउ मो  बिंडी खानेलाई

माया नदेउ मो हिंडी जानेलाई

त्यहिँ तल सिमसरमा दुम्सी लुक्ने दुलो

बल्ल बल्ल पाको छोरो टाउको मात्रै ठुलो

आगे आगे तोपैको गोला

पछि पछि मसिन गन भ र र

सिग्रेड नदेउ मो  बिंडी खानेलाई

माया नदेउ मो हिंडी जानेलाई

हो कि होइन हो हो

हो कि होइन

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जीवन – ओ

Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 4, 2010

सतिश श्रेष्ठ: मान्छे ठिटो
अनि खल्ती रित्तो|
तथापी जीवन मिठो,
जसको गोरेटोमा बित्दैछन
दिनहरु सोचे भन्दा सार्है छिटो |  🙂

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