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All that is not given is lost

Posted by Satish Shrestha on September 28, 2010

Speaking in terms of comparative success, this is a rather low point in life. No further elaboration is needed. Nonetheless, it has been a tremendously uplifiting time in my life in terms of mental and spiritual gain. In many ways I am living upto my ideals. I’ve been able to derive joy from simple things. Life is beautiful. I feel like life is simple, but I (may be you too) am predisposed to make it complex with oodles of stuff that provide me instant gratification. My life is not simple. I have twenty three years worth of complexities in my life. I remember reading somewhere “It is easier to be happy, but it is far more difficult to be simple”. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I was sharing this insightful statement with a very good friend of mine few weeks back and I suddenly came up with a rather trivial yet accurate example. An example that came up in my mind was that of peeing. The moment you take a leak after a long hold is undoubtedly a moment of happiness, though ephemeral. There is a  plethora of thing that can make one happy. But how to be simple, act simple and live simple? Hopefully I will have an answer one day!

While this summer went by with almost no significant academic achievement, I am quite content with my activities this summer. Though certain financial and political reasons limit me from traveling, I am in a state where I can call myself a free bird. I have plenty of time to to read, enjoy the weather, be outside, discover and redefine myself. This leisure gives me immense amount of time to think about my existence, potential and desire. Walking in the sun, riding bikes along the trail, taking naps by the river and getting caught up in reveries, picking blackberries and apples recently, joining my neighbor friends in their fiestas, trying to answer my friend’s questions all have been making me feel alive in a different way. Unlike during college years when ginourmous amount of assignments, papers, problem sets, projects and whatnot made me feel alive, I am alive today in a new way and am extremely free. My mind is like a flea, it jumps in a spasmodic fashion from one topic to another. It is not easy to control my flea like mind. It mostly delves upon rather trivial topics like what to cook, what to eat, what to read etc. But sometimes it explores very interesting nooks and supplies me with worthwhile insights.

Anyway, the point of writing tonight is to make this day memorable because I got some classic books from Tana. I’m always in devoid of words to express how grateful I am for getting to know her. Out of the eight books I received today, I started reading Annapurna, A Woman’s Place. But something that really drew my attention was the proverb in the inside cover of The City of Joy. It said, “All that is not given is lost”. I do not need go far to realize this. Tana’s life is a perfect manifestation of that philosophical proverb I learned today.

Books I got today:

The City of Joy

Fatal Mountaineer

Annapurna, A Woman’s Place

The Snow Leopard

The Lotus and the Wind

Far, Far the Mountain Peak


National Geographic, September 2000 Issue

Excerpts of Nepali Royal Massacre news from US media


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