Satish Shrestha (सतिश श्रेष्ठ )

In The Quest Of…


Posted by Satish Shrestha on October 14, 2009

Like sweet summer rain, her words tickle me
Those words take me to my fantasy land
Where, under the splendid sun, I swim in an eternal sea
And walk together on the shore holding her hand

As we walk together I stare at her cosmic eyes-
The marvelous domain with infinite range-
With ecstasy-field where all my sorrows demise
Tis the only moment when I wish for no change

Those beautiful eyes pull me to the center of her soul
due to  gravity of which I experience a heavenly free fall
in a jiffy I reach her motley universe through a mysterious wormhole
the universe with divine tranquility that contains millions of Nepal

– oct 13,2009


2 Responses to “Her”

  1. sunita said

    good!:) 🙂

  2. sunita said

    but dear, not possible to be immersed in this kind of” feelin” for ever and ever. got to wake up!

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